ADHD Therapist in Baton Rouge, LAADHD refers to a chronic biobehavioral disorder that initially manifests in childhood and is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention. Not all of those affected by ADHD manifest all three behavioral categories. These symptoms can lead to difficulty in academic, emotional, and social functioning. The diagnosis is established by satisfying specific criteria and may be associated with other neurological, significant behavioral, and/or developmental/learning disabilities.

Therapy may consider the use of medication, behavioral therapy, and adjustments in day-to-day lifestyle activities.  We will always use non technical language, and ask you to understand that this is not a professional text on ADHD… nor do we attempt to cover every aspect of ADHD.

Family Counseling

ADHD Therapist in Baton Rouge, LA
Evidence shows that ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders are complicated conditions in which many environmental factors play major roles in how your child can succeed.  My name is Justin W. Schleis Sr. LCSW – ADHD Therapist in Baton Rouge, LA. I’d like to help you solve your issues!
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