Childhood is far from being the problem-free period in a person’s life. On the contrary, it is a period of vulnerability and many changes that may be challenging to face. Conflicts at home or with teachers, the struggle to establish a personal identity and relations with others – these can lead to emotional ups and downs, feelings or fear, anger, and sadness. Usually, these reactions do not last long, but sometimes they persevere and prevent the child from living a happy and content life. When your child has difficulties coping with life’s difficulties for a continuous period of time, the parents may not be able to help and will have to consult a child therapist.

If you are looking for such an expert in Baton Rouge, LA, consider Justin W. Schleis Sr. LCSW. Justin Schleis Sr. has the necessary professional qualification and experience to help your son or daughter solve his/her problems. As a good psychologist, he will focus on assisting your child develop coping skills to manage their situation. He also encourages and guides parents how to support their son/daughter.

Justin Schleis Sr. specializes in treating ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This is a very serious behavioral condition that affects 10% of school age children, mostly boys. Although children with ADHD may understand what they are expected to do, they will have difficulties following through as they can’t pay attention, sit still, or focus on details. These symptoms will affect a child’s ability to function socially, academically, and at home.

However, with the right treatment, children with ADHD can improve significantly and actually cope with their symptoms. ADHD can never be completely cured, but a child can be taught how to control his/her behavior. The role of a good child therapist like Justin Schleis Sr. is very important in this process as he knows the right methods of therapy to be applied. Parents can’t cope alone, because it takes specialized knowledge to tackle the problem, and medication treatment may also be necessary. When you need an ADHD therapist in Baton Rouge, LA, turn to Justin W. Schleis Sr. LCSW. Justin has proven his professionalism, and his clients will readily testify to his expertise. Call him at (225) 767-7731 now!

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