Family Counseling in Baton Rouge, LAFamilies experience many different issues at different periods of the life cycle. There are times when talking
through your problems with an experienced family counselor can help.
Individual and Family Therapy in Baton Rouge, LA is open to anyone who feels they need to make a change in their life, find a new direction, deal with troubling issues, or strengthen their relationships. Individual and Family Therapy  in Baton Rouge, LA offers a comfortable and safe place to explore feelings that seem overwhelming. I am therapist who is an  objective listener, and work with individuals to increase their communication skills and problem-solving abilities as well as identify strengths and sort out options.

Family Counselors

Family Counseling in Baton Rouge, LACommon family goals are: to communicate more effectively and meaningfully, to guide the family through traumatic experiences, to resolve problems and conflicts, to create a more positive family environment.

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