When You or Your Partner is Resist Marriage Counseling

The most popular reason why couples decide to get counseling is because it is their last resort to save their marriage. This makes it hard to figure out what you need to do if you just want some advice on how to save your marriage, or if you are having marital problems and your partner does not really agree with your idea of getting marriage counseling. What most couples don’t know is that marriage counselors are more than just marriage salvage crews, they can also help you even if your marriage is not in jeopardy or if your spouse refuses to show up.

Refusal to Attend Therapy
In many cases, one or sometimes both partners feel that counseling is not really necessary. This can happen because the process is seen as a hassle for both parties, not to mention expensive. It’s much harder for couples to settle their differences than it is for people who seek a therapist for depression or anxiety disorders. If you decide to go alone, it might be too negative for you. Try to overcome this feeling because after all, there is really nothing wrong with getting marriage counseling by yourself. If your partner refuses to go with you, be willing to go by yourself. There is a good chance that your partner will realize that getting counseling is a better option than settling the problem yourselves.

When to Get Advice
Marriage counseling is not just for people who feel like their marriage is about to fall apart. It can also provide you with a much better insight before major marriage problems occur. That is because it will be easier to avoid conflicts rather than wait for them to happen. A regular marriage therapy will help you avoid situations that might lead to unhappiness, depression, and eventually divorce. Always remember that counseling is there to ensure that everything goes right in your marriage, and if things go overboard, at least you will be at peace knowing that you parted ways with your partner peacefully.

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